Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Kane Chronicles

Review by Edan

   - The Red Pyramid
   - The Throne of Fire
   - The Serpents Shadow

Author: Rick Riordan 
Publisher: Disney Hyperion and Puffin Books
Published: 2010-2012

Quick Summary:
     Apophis, a evil giant snake, is starting to break free of his prison. He is planning on devouring the sun, plunging the world into darkness. It is Carter and Sadie Kane's job to stop him before he succeeds his task. The gods are getting involved, helping and standing in the way of the Kanes. The Nomes, Egyptian Magician districts of the world, are fighting against each other, some blaming the Kanes for their problems and others helping them along their quest. Can Carter and Sadie stop Apophis before it before it is to late, or will Apophis overpower them and destroy the world?

     When I saw my friend reading one of these books, I had to ask what it was. When I was younger I loved Ancient Egypt and everything about it, and still do. I also love all of Rick Riordan's other books so I thought these must be good. They are full of excitement and adventure and pull you in and never let you stop reading. 

    I like how Rick Riordan included a lot of other minor less known god, including Bast, Bes, Serqet, Tawaret. There are so many Egyptian gods and I bet more than than half of them people haven't even heard of. He didn't just mention these lesser gods, he gave them some major role and other parts that weren't just a mentioned name. He also included some of the Egyptian history, beliefs and rituals which I also found interesting. 

   To me, none of the books where better than another. They all seemed to flow together into one story. And it killed me having to wait to get the Serpents Shadow form the library (It must've been popular, around 150 people had requested it!). I also enjoyed how the perspectives changed every other chapter, letting you get to be in Sadie and Carter Kane's head. I loved this series and if you like Riordan's other books, you'll also like these ones. 

Rating: *****

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