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Review by Edan
Title: Behemoth (Leviathan Trilogy Book #2)
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Published: 2010
Publisher: Simon Pulse

Quick Summary:
As the Leviathan flies toward Istanbul, Deryn Sharp (a midshipmen in the British Air Service disguised as a boy by the name of Dylan) and Prince Aleksander (the secret heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary) continue to hold their secrets. They are fighting during WWI, but Deryn is a Darwinist and Alek is a Clanker. The Darwinists use their fabricated animals like the Leviathan, a giant, helium inflated whale, and the Clankers use their war machines. In Istanbul, they are thrown into a exciting journey as Alek tries to flee the Leviathan and Deryn struggles to keep her secret and make sure Alek is safe. They work together to try to put a stop to the war that keeps these two friends apart.

I liked this enthralling book just as much as I liked the first book. The characters are complex but understandable. Though out the book, the point of few shifts. It isn't in first person, but it lets you understand what Deryn and Alek are thinking and what secrets they are worried about being discovered. It is so nerve racking knowing Deryn is a girl. I wanted Deryn to tell Alek the truth, but she was never able to. It is hard to understand the machines and animals and what they look like. The pictures make it all clear. The story is twisting and unexpected and there are many surprises in store for the reader. After reading the second book in this series, your have to read the last one immediately  afterwards.

Rating: *****

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