Friday, April 19, 2013


Review by Edan
Title: Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, Book 1)
Author: Christopher Paolini
Publisher: Knopf Books
Published: 2005

Quick Summary:
Eragon is just a small farm boy from the Palancar Valley in Alagaesia. One day he stumbles upon a blue stone in the forest. Eragon is soon swept  into confusion and doubt as the stoned hatches into a dragon, turing Eragon into one of the long gone Dragon Riders. He names his dragon Saphira and together they learn their path as a dragon and Rider. The only Rider left is Galbatorix, the immortal and evil ruler of Alageasia who wants to have Eragon as his own Rider. Eragon soon is off on a journey with his town storyteller, Brom, to track down the creatures who killed his uncle. Eragon soon has to face dangerous choices of allegiance, trust and friendship, for what he chooses will slant the prospects of an ever brewing war...

I love Eragon. This is the second time I have read it and still love it. It is a book filled with secrets and adventure. The ideas about dwarves, elves, dragons, magic and other creatures of the sort are different, more realistic and believable than other perspectives. If I had to choose the most believable type of magic that I have read about (wands, charms, spirits, potions, ect.) I would choose this one. Eragon changes a lot throughout the book, turning from a illiterate farm boy to a Dragon Rider, swordsman and magic user. He gains knowledge and cautiousness, but still remains the stone headed fool that he was. Like Saphira says, Eragon is like a hatchling always getting into trouble. The never stopping excitement  leaves me reading for hours on end. Re-reading it had made somethings clearer than before, and I think I wouldn't mind re-re-reading this series once I done with it again. Eragon is never ending, adventure, trust, battles, information, thoughts and choice.


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