Monday, June 24, 2013

White Cat

Review by Edan
Title: White Cat (Curse Workers #1)
Author: Holly Black
Published: 2012
Publisher: Margaret K McElderry Books

Cassel comes from a family of curse workers, people who can change your emotions, luck, memories and even your physical being with a touch of a hand. Cassel is an outsider, different from the rest, because he was not given the ability to curse work when he was born. There is one different thing about him though: he killed his best friend Lila when he was 14. Cassel soon has nightmares about a white cat, and is constantly sleep walking. Things start to go astray when he hears secret conversations, reads things he's not supposed to read and notices suspicious behavior. Is his family keeping a deep truth from him? A truth that changes everything. A truth that changes who he is and who he was. A truth that will change his life forever.

White Cat is an awesome book. It takes place in a world where people are afraid of bare hands and everyone wears gloves. Our world, just slightly different. It is really interesting. Cassel is an interesting character. He is different than the rest of his family of murderers, assassins and thugs. He uses his brain and con. He gets by in his world of magic just with his brain. It is a thrilling novel, but sometimes is confusing. It takes awhile to understand everything to know about "workers" and curses. It is also confusing when he talks about Lila. How can you kill someone and not remember? It is just weird, but makes sense later in the book. White Cat makes you sit on the edge of your seat and try to piece everything together. I would recommend White Cat for anyone looking for a good fantasy or thriller.

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