Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Cat Who Went To Paris

Review by Edan
Title: The Cat Who Went To Paris
Author: Peter Gethers
Publisher: Ballentine Books
Published: 1992

Quick Summary:
This book for cat lovers is a true story of the author of The Cat Who Went To Paris, Peter Gethers, and his little scottish fold named Norton. Norton isn't like most cats, he is outgoing, adventurous and makes every person fall in love with him. He frolics through the snow in Vermont, tramps across the beaches on Fire Island and over the roofs of Paris. It is an amazing story of an author and his amazing cat.

This is a must read for any cat lover. It is such a sweet and funny story. Having three cats, I know whats its like to have pesky felines around, but this story made me imagine what it would be like taking them all over the world. What is would be like having a pet to take everywhere. I don't know what else to say about it... It is a short book, but it was so beautiful and a fun read. I highly recommend it!

Review: *****

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