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Review by Edan
Title: Bitterblue (Graceling Realm #3)
Author: Kristin Cashore
Publisher: Dial
Published: 2012

Quick Summary:
King Leck left Monsea in mayhem. He was what is called a Graceling in these seven kingdoms. Like all Gracelings, he had two colored eyes and his Grace was being able to use words to control people. He could make anyone bend to his will and feel or think as he tells them. Now, it is up to Bitterblue (Lecks daughter) to clean up his mess. He was killed, to her relief, at age ten and she now she tries to rule her kingdom as best she can at age eighteen. Her world is covered by lies. She tells lies, her most trusted friends lie to protect her, her staff lies and Leck filled everyones heads with lies that cannot be solved. Bitterblue leaves her castle to find truth and is astonished at who she finds lying. She tries to make sense of her world and what really happened during Lecks reign.

I loved Bitterblue. I held my breath reading the entire thing. I tried to understand what happened and find I cannot figure out who did what and why. It seems as if everything twisted and tied. Everyone is scarred by Lecks reign and Bitterblue needs to find answers to be a good and strong queen. I think I liked Bitterblue better than Graceling. The first 300 pages are filled with lies, truths, sneaking, discovering, puzzling and making sense. Finally pages 400-500 are filled with excitement and Bitterblue discovers the terrifying and depressing truth. I could not stop reading. Bitterblue is filled with emotion that makes everything seem so real. It is awe and inspiring. I feel that I should I explain and expand more, but I don't know what to say. I absolutely loved it. it is full of fantasy, adventure (in an exiting sort of way), lies, emotions, mysterious characters and questions.

I know that Bitterblue comes after Fire in the Graceling Realm Serries, but I don't think it matter what order you read them, just as long you read Graceling first. I have started reading Fire and I liked reading Bitterblue second because Graceling and Bitterblue are more connected in the storyline. Fire gives explanations for something that happens later in Bitterblue. You should read all of them anyways! :)


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