Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To Live

Review by Edan
Title: To Live
Author: Yu Hua
Published: 1993
Publisher: Anchor Books and Random House of Canada

Quick Summary:
Fugui lives in China on their estate. He belongs to the rich Xu family and probably wouldn't have to worry about his future, but he takes up gambling. Soon, he had thrown away all of his family's land and money, turning them into peasants. He struggles at first, but soon he and his family start to understand peasant life. As the Communist and Cultural Revolution are beating down hard, Fugui watches everything as a farmer. He sees his town change, his family change, his life change and his world change. He sees things that will change his life forever.

To Live is very informative book about China and the Communist and Cultural Revolutions. You watch one very interesting character though out the whole book and watch him change. He starts out being a selfish person not caring about his family, but he ends his story loving the little things he has left, especially his family. You grow a strong connection to all of the characters. This is a inspiring book that can tell a lot to the reader. If you are looking for a cheery book though, this book is not for you. It had funny parts and isn't all gloomy, but it isn't a book full of happily ever afters either. It makes the book feel somewhat real, but a little over the top. There becomes a pattern about Fugui's family that the reader picks up early on. Anyways, it's a great read!


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