Monday, September 23, 2013

My Name is Mina

Review by Edan
Title: My Name is Mina
Author: David Almond
Published: 2010
Publisher: Hopper Childrens Books

Mina has always been different. She sees the word in different ways. She didn't fit in at school. She picks up this journal and writes what she thinks. How she sees the world and what is is to her. She explains everything through her writing, third person stories and poems. She will change you views with just a couples of phrases.

OK, I know that was a bad summary. It is just a hard book to explain. It is so beautiful though. I love David Almond's writing. Mina writes in a way that is easy to understand and relate to. She learns and discovers everyday and shares her ideas with you. After reading this book, I truly was changed. My English teacher says that a good book is one that changes your views, it is not always true, but this one certainly does. David Almond got his idea of writing My Name is Mina from his other book Skellig. I loved Skellig. I think that you should read Skellig before picking up My Name is Mina. It would take away some of the mystery of Skellig if you had read My Name is Mina before hand. These two books are beautiful and mysterious, leaving you to wonder and think. I think everyone should pick up these books and read them, then decide what they think of them. Reading these books is about understanding, if you can not purely understand or except what is happening, reading these books will infuriate you. You have to open your mind. These two books and wonderful, mystical, beautiful, awe-inspiring and touching books; a must read for anyone.

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