Thursday, September 26, 2013

Looking for Alaska

Review by Edan
Title: Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
Publisher: Dutton Books
Published: 2005

Miles, or Pudge, loves last words, everyones last words, and obsesses over the "Great Perhaps". When he decides to go a boarding school called Culver Creek everything he ever believed and done is questioned. He is thrown into pranks with his friends, studying, conceptions and Alaska Young. She is one of his friends, full of humor, smarts, self-corruptiveness and mystery. When he finally falls in such deep love with her and her shroud of mystery, she becomes impossible to get. Impossible to see. Impossible to hear. Impossible to find. And causes him to never trust himself and the world again.

It was an amazing book. It was divided into two sections, Before and After, leaving you to wonder what they mean. Miles is an interesting character, a good boy leaving his home, not ready to bet mixed up with everything else. Or thats what he thinks when he first gets there. He just wants to fit in and eventually Alaska changes who he is. Everything about him. He forms a new Miles, a new Pudge. It is an enchanting story. The end becomes slightly tiresome, of fighting over dumb stuff and blind ideas. It is a humorous book with a depressing undertone that I would highly recommend, though to anyone at least in 8-9 grade. It makes you think, while also being entraining and wondrous. It has a good plot, with interesting characters and philosophies. I would highly recommend it. But watch out, it will make you cry....

Rating: *****

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