Thursday, October 18, 2012

Under the Green Hill

Review by Edan 
Title: Under the Green Hill
Author: Laura L. Sullivan 
Publisher: Henry Holt Books
Published: 2010 

Quick Summary:
     Meg and her 3 siblings (1 older and 2 younger), find themselves spending the summer in England with there great-great-aunt and uncle in a giant ancient mansion and estate. They soon find something more interesting than exploring the mansion's ancient rooms as they are introduced to the world of fairies. They are led deep into the forest and Rowan, Meg's older brother, pledges himself the the fairy queen to be her champion. Meg, aghast, tries everything she can to keep him from fighting a savage battle to the death. 

     I loved reading this book, because of the fairy folklore. I enjoy reading books like this to compare and contrast other books I've read on magic, fairies and folklore. The plot was exciting, but slow going at times and sometimes Meg, being fearful and careful, got on my nerves. She could be too careful and hesitant and not fully except her role. It aggravated me, sometimes knowing thing that Meg didn't. The book was exciting and interesting learning more about English folklore. 

     I have started the second book Guardian of Green Hill. It seems like another great book, but I also know something that Meg and her relatives do not. That makes want to yell at Meg and tell her what I know. I can't wait to finish it. 

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