Sunday, October 21, 2012

Guardian of Green Hill

Review by Edan
Title: Guardian of Green Hill
Author: Laura L. Sullivan
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co
Published: 2011

Quick Summary:
     After Meg and her siblings endure the fairy Midsummer War, they are faced with the problems of Guardianship. Meg's great-great-aunt (the present Guardian, who keeps the peace with humans and fairies) is getting old and Meg is the next heir. A bewitching, spell-casting artist, Gwidion, thinks that he is the rightful heir.  He and his talking goat try his many dreadful schemes to become the next Guardian. It is Meg's decision that can save the fairies and mythological world.

     I'm not sure if I liked Under the Green Hill or Guardian of Green Hill better. I think I liked Guardian of Green Hill a little better. Instead of just including English fairies and folklore, this book includes other cultures folklore, mythology and spirits. It let's you know a little more about the different types of views on fairies and spirits. Guardian of Green Hill has more action than the fist book. Under the Green Hill has more about Meg not wanting Rowan (her older brother) to compete in the battle, sorting her thoughts and understanding the fairy world. It is slightly infuriating that the reader knew about Gwidion's plots against Meg and her family. I didn't want to read because I was mad the book. But I kept on reading and things eventually turned to Meg's favor. This book was a great, slightly easy, interesting read.

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