Monday, October 14, 2013

Pay it Forward

Review by Edan
Title: Pay it Forward
Author: Catharine Ryan Hyde
Published: 2000
Publisher: Pocket Books

12 year old Trevor lives in a small town in California. He starts off the school year with a new teacher and an extra credit assignment: To come up with a plan to change the world for a better future and to put it into action. Trevor jumps onto this assignment and comes up with a simple but brilliant plan. An idea called Pay it Forward. An idea that could truly change the world and everyone in it. An idea of generosity and favors, where instead of paying someone back you pay it forward by another favor to someone else. Its a story of pure wonder.

It is a amazing book. It is full of ordinary kids and people with regular lives who can truly do something about the world. The story moves between characters, Trevor, his mom, his teacher, people he payed it forward to, a reporter and even more. It also sometimes flips into first person for a little bit, helping you understand the characters a little better. It also enters Trevor's diary. You read the story form all angles, the one who started it, people who received it, to people who wonder about it. It is amazing and a must read. It is inspiring and makes you wonder why hasn't anybody actually done it. The idea has been created, why doesn't someone try to do it. Maybe that is what the author was trying to get us to to. Maybe she was trying to get the idea out there to the public. It is inspiring for anyone with dreams. Anyone with a plan to change the world. Anyone who wishes for a better future for all.


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