Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Book of Wonders

Review by Edan
Title: The Book of Wonders
Author: Jasmine Richards
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: 2012

Quick Summary:
    Zardi and her friend Ridhan live in a kingdom called Arribitha where the cruel, evil sultan rules. He banned all magic and djinn, phenixes and any other magical creature. Zardi loves these stories her grandmother tells her and lives happily, until one day her older sister and father are taken by the sultan and will surely die. Zardi and Ridhan - Zardi wanting to save her sister and father and Ridhan wanting to find out more about where he came from - set off with a sailer and  his crew but are shipwrecked on a magical island. Will Zardi escape from the Queen of Serpents, a brass giant, and djinni with the answers she is searching for?

     This book was awesome. When I first found the book in the library, I thought, Cool. This book might be OK, but I really liked it. It is a book full of adventure, magic and another land. I love books like that.  These two kids are seeking answers and run into tons of people, creatures and problems. Jasmine Richards did a great job creating scenes, connections between characters and feelings in my head. I enjoy reading book about magic and magical creatures, because every author has another spin on it. Harry Potter's magic is totally different than the type of magic in Eragon, and totally different than a real life spin of magic in Magic by the Lake. These takes on magic create a large veriaty of options in my head.

     Ok, I got side tracked. The book pushed me onward, never letting me put the book down. It was action packed and great. The only problem was the ending isn't finished, like there is going to be a second book. The problem with that is I can't find anything about the second book anywhere. Maybe it is to recent for Jasmine Richards to announce the second book, or maybe she got bored and isn't going to write it, I don't know. I just hope she write book 2.

Rating: *****

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