Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pirate Emperor

Review by Edan
Title: Pirate Emperor (Wave Walker Trilogy - Book 2)
Author: Kai Meyer
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderberry Books
Published: 2004

Quick Summary:
     Jolly and Griffin are stranded on a strange island with a bridge leading into an unknown world. As they stand on this bridge suddenly it bursts into flames. Luckily, their mysterious friend the Ghost Trader comes and rescues them. They go back to Aelinium, a floating city on a giant sea star, and find Jolly's friend Munk. Jolly and Munk are polliwogs, meaning they can walk on water and breath underneath it. The fate of mankind rests on their shoulders as the Maelstrom, an entrance to a sea of large, unnatural creatures, needs to be closed and they are the only ones to do it.

     I'm not sure which book I liked better, the first or the second. Each book doesn't have a different plot. The first book feels like the beginning, the second like the middle of the story. The different characters are sometimes doing different things and I like the way every so often, the story would change and go into someone else's thoughts somewhere else. It keeps me wondering what was going on to all the people. When someone just did something and then the perspective changes, it makes me want to keep on reading to know what happens. This book had more action than the first one, but I think I liked the first book slightly more. It is as action packed, enthusiastic and interesting book.

Rating: ****

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