Friday, November 16, 2012


Review by Edan
Title: Skellig
Author: David Almond
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Published: 1998

Quick Summary:
     Michael, a 10 year old boy, has just moved into a decrepit house that is falling apart, as his baby sister lies sick in the hospital. As he searches through the house, he makes his way to the garage. In it, he finds the most sup rising thing in his life. A creature lies still, looking dead. He and his new friend Mina have no idea who and what he is. He has given up on life, but they won't let him. It is their job to bring him into the light and put the life back into him.

     I think this is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. It was so inspiring and mystical. Anyone who reads it will interpret it in a different way. They will each have an idea of what Skellig is and where he came from. Even in the back of the book, David Almond said he is always asked questions like, What is he? Where did he come from? Where does her go? and he said he didn't have answers. He didn't even know, his book is a mystery even to him.

     I'm not sure what I can say. I loved this book. You feel the connection with Michael and his feelings. You feel his awe and anger. You feel his confusion and love. You can create your own opinion of Mina, who is not your average girl. You can add any of your own thoughts into the story, there are not constrictions.

    If you like books ending with answers, then this book is would not be one of your favorites. This book is wonderful, but not for someone who wants a finished and satisfied ending. But this book was wonderful, loving, inspiring, fantastical and I loved it and would highly recommend it.


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