Saturday, January 12, 2013


Review by Edan
Title: Lionboy
Author: Zizou Corder
Published: 2003
Publisher: Puffin Books

Quick Summary:
10 year old Charlie lives in the near-future London with his parents, who are two scientists. One day he returns home to find them missing, kidnapped because of the cure for asthma that they discovered. Charlie begins his mission of finding them, finding out all of the information that he needs to know from the local cats (by his talent of speaking Cat). He finds himself on a floating circus headed to Paris where he plans an escape with the lions onboard. Can he track his parents down without getting caught in the first book of this exciting trilogy?

I liked it. It wasn't the best book, but the idea was very interesting. It was slow going and to keep on being interested, the reader would had to know more about why his parents were captured than Charlie. Charlie's character isn't very personal or easy to connect with. He has flaws, but it is hard to feel emotions the he goes through.  His character took his time and made me want to yell at him sometimes. Other than that, the book has a very interesting idea (especially for me, because I love cats) and leaves off at a cliff hanger. At the end of the book, you may decide to continue on with the series or not, it just depends on your opinion.


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