Thursday, September 6, 2012

Facing the Lion

Reviewed by Mo
Title: Facing the Lion
Author: Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton
Publisher: National Geographic Society
Published: 2005

Quick Summary:
Facing the Lion is about a boy growing up Maasai on the African savanna. He gets to go to school, unlike the rest of his family. He has to go between the world at boarding school, to the world at home, which are very different. He struggles to fit in, while living in two different worlds. In the book, he faces his first lion, herds cattle, becomes a man and has to find his own way home.

I liked this book because it showed how hard his life on the savanna was. I also got to see how alienated he was at home after living most of his life at boarding school. He's really different than his family and his tribe because of school. The book was a little too simple for me and didn't have a very complicated plot, but was a good book because of the perspective. The story had action and suspense, which kept me interested.

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