Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Faerie Ring

Reviewed by Edan
Title: The Faerie Ring
Author: Kiki Hamilton
Published: 2011

Quick Summary:
     Tiki, a girl who lives in London in 1871, lives on pickpocketing. She lives on the streets with a few other kids. Tiki steals a ring and to her dismay soon realizes it is the Queen's. And not just a ring, but the ring holding the truce between fey and the faerie wold and humans.  Another thief has to help her return the ring, but things start to get complicated. Secrets are kept, doubts are made and suspicions are created.

     I really dove into this book and loved it. The excitement and action flows throughout the book. I liked the way I felt Tiki's doubts and feelings about her plans and friends. I like Hamilton's perspective and descriptions of the faeries, unlike some other books. At the end of most books, everything the character had been confused about is explained and resolved. But in The Faerie Ring Tiki learns some information and some confusions are resolved. Not knowing all the facts motivates me to read the second book, The Torn Wing, which just came out this August. The wait for the third book, The Seven Year King,  is going to kill me, as it is coming out in May of 2013.

Rating: *****

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