Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Thief Lord


                                      Review By: Roshni 
                                     Title: The Thief Lord
                                    Author: Cornelia Funke
                               Publisher: The Chicken House
                                          Published in: 2001
Quick Summary:
The Thief Lord tells a story about two boys named Prosper, 12 years old, and Boniface, 5 years old. Prosper and Boniface, Bo, escape from the clutches of their cruel aunt and uncle, Esther and Max Hartlieb, and travel to Venice, Italy. In the magical city, Prosper and Bo are found by a gang of thieves. Scipio, Thief Lord, is 13 and takes care of 3 other kids besides Prosper and Bo. Their names are: Caterina (Hornet), Mosca, and Riccio. Esther and Max hire a detective named Victor, to find both Prosper and Bo. Eventually, the 6 kids find out that Victor is following them.They capture him and take Victor as a prisoner to their home, which is an old, abandoned movie theater. Ultimately, the detective runs away, while the kids are getting ready to go on a huge raid. On their raid, things go wrong leading the gang to split up and find homes where they can belong.

The summary on the back was so descriptive and detailed that I had to chose this book. I'm glad I chose it cause I loved the book! It took me to the mysterious city of Venice, Italy. I enjoyed picturing the beautifully described water, housing, people, and everything else. When they took Victor, the detective, hostage, I was surprised! Later on in the book, I found it very funny that 6 young kids were able to trick him like that. While they were on their raid, the owner of the house, Ida Spavento, walked in. She was confused because she saw a group of kids in her house, but she didn't call the cops. Instead she sat them down, fed them, and asked why they were there. I thought that part was funny because normally if you are caught trying to rob someone, you are sent to jail, but not in this case! This book was probably one of the BEST books I have ever read. I recommend it to anyone who loves traveling through books. 
Rating: *****

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