Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Shakespeare Stealer

Review by Edan
Title: The Shakespeare Stealer
Author: Gary Blackwood
Publisher: Puffin Books
Published: 1998

Quick Summary:
     Widge, an orphan living in Elizabethan England and the same time Shakespeare's plays were alive on the stage, has finally received a new master and his first task is to copy down Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Widge and his masters aggressive servant go to London to watch and copy down Hamlet. Widge is found and with no escape, he joins the actors to steal the play later. He waits for an opportunity to escape with the play, but finds himself enjoying himself as he trains as an actor. Soon he starts to question himself, should he obey his master or be loyal to his new friends?

     I really liked reading The Shakespeare Stealer because it was full of adventure, but also interesting facts about Shakespeare and Elizabethan England. I am learning about Shakespeare in school and this book had new facts. Widge is from the country and doesn't know about the London or acting and he learns about it as the reader does too. I usually do not like historical fiction books, but this one was good. It wasn't boring and full of history like other ones. This book was a eventful, interesting and exciting read.

Rating: *****

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