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Review by Edan
Title: Matched
Author: Ally Condie
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Published: 2010

Quick Summary:
     Cassia lives in a perfect world. Everything is regulated from food, to when you die, to your spouse. When Cassia finally receives her Match, the person she would sign a marriage contract with in a couple of years, she is surprised that it is Zander. Zander had been her best friend as long as she can remember. To Cassias displeasure, she finds herself falling in love with Ky. Thing's become hard for them as the Society starts to interfere and Cassia finally starts to realize the truth.

     I liked this book. I know it says it is a romance novel and i hated that part, but I think the plot is interesting. It reminds me of the Giver, another perfect world that is more disciplined than the world Matched takes place in. The idea that the people are being controlled by making it seems like they have options, but only having one choice is fascinating. They can make it seem like people are acting on their own accord, but are actually being manipulated. All these concepts make the book interesting. I also cannot imagine that this is what the world might be like years form now.  This book was a page turner, making you read on. It was a book I would recommend, especially to people who like romance novels.

Rating: ****

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