Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Review by Mo
Title: Crossed
Author: Allie Condie
Publisher: Penguin Group
Published: 2011

Quick Summary:
Cassia and Ky are both in work camps on the Outer Provinces. They miss each other desperately, but can't find each other. They both run towards the Carving. They're in the same place, but haven't met up. When they finally do, Ky has to decide who he values more: Cassia or his freedom. She wants to join the Rising, but he doesn't. Cassia is almost decided about choosing Ky over Xander, when Ky's betrayal and reluctance make her uncertain once more. Cassia starts to see just how hard everyone who doesn't live in the Society feels and realizes how easy her life has been. She starts to question things she's always know. While Ky has always been mysterious and wild, Xander has been sturdy and dependable, but now it turns out he has his own secret. Meanwhile, Cassia keeps thinking about Xander, who she left behind.

I enjoyed this book, but I don't think it was as good as either Matched or Reached, the other books in the trilogy. This one was exciting, but it seemed a little repetitive. It moved a little too slowly for me. Cassia and Ky kept thinking of each other before they were reunited, and the same afterwards. I get that they're supposed to be madly in love and obsessed, but I still found it a little boring. I wished there was more adventure and less romance, which the other two have. There was some excitement, but a lot of decisions to be made and choices to be considered. It was also nice to see how Ky thought, instead of just what Cassia thought about him, like in the first book. I also thought it was kind of boring because they were isolated from the rest of the Society so it was more about their romance than the rebellion. It was cool, though, seeing how complicated and ordered the Society was. It made me more concerned for the Rising, because the Society seemed so strong and invincible.  It wasn't my favorite, but it was still pretty good and worth reading, though I did like the other ones better.
Review: ****

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