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Review by Mo
Title: Huntress
Author: Malinda Lo
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Published: 2011

Quick Summary:
The Huntress is about two girls who have to travel to a distant land to end the endless winter in their land. Their kingdom's crops are dying and the sun hasn't shone for years. Strange, unknown creatures are appearing on the fringe of the kingdom. The two girls, who attend an Academy where they are learning to be sages, travel with the Prince and three loyal guards to attend an invitation sent by the Fairy Queen.  Taisin is powerful and filled with magic, while Kaede is down-to-earth. Taisin shares her vision which is the reason the two girls are sent, and while she's scared of what it might mean, she's terrified of the feelings she experienced in the vision and the chance they might come true and be revealed. Throughout the journey to visit the Fairy Queen, while their whole group struggles against wolves, dark magic and the hostile territory, Taisin grapples with her new feelings. On the journey, Kaede and Taisin grow closer and closer, until finally they're forced to separate.

I thought this book had a gripping, suspenseful plot that kept me reading, but I didn't like all the romance. I thought it distracted from the story and that most of it could have been removed. I liked the twist at the end, and how the end was a cliff-hanger. I also liked that it had an omnipresent narrator so I could see what all the characters were feeling throughout the story. I liked the main characters, so I cared when they were injured or faced danger. I thought parts of the story moved a little too slowly, and I thought at some points there wasn't enough action, but a lot of thinking. I was surprised by the ending, because I thought it would have reached a conclusive ending, but instead it set the scene for another book, which I'll read. Even though I thought it had too much romance, I still thought it was a good story and want to see how it ends.
Rating: ****

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