Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wild Magic

Review by Edan
Title: Wild Magic (Immortals Book 1)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Published: 1992
Publisher: Simon Pulse

Quick Summary:
     13 year old Diane has always had a "knack for animals," as she call it. As she runs from her destroyed home with her horse Cloud, she is thrown into an adventure where she learns her ability to speak to animals comes from wild magic. Other people have the Gift, the common magic. She helps the royal horsemistress and soon joins the Queen's Riders she begins learning from one of the best mages. She begins to realize her newfound powers and friends. Diane struggles to push her way through hardships, find where she belongs and who she can trust.

     I loved this book. I had picked it up at a book sale and assumed it could be a good book, but probably not. I started it and was thrown into a wild adventure where the reader can connect and love all the character. The different world and wondrous plot made the story exiting. Pierce makes you feel a strong love and connection for Diane and her friends. The idea of the types of magic and immortal beings (monsters, creatures, and gods) are fascinating, crazy and believable. Wild Magic has a great plot, characters and beings.

Rating: *****

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