Friday, December 21, 2012

Peter and The Starcatchers

Review by Edan
Title: Peter and The Starcatchers
Author(s): Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
Published: 2004
Publisher: Disney Editions

Quick Summary:
     Peter and his four other orphan friends are sent onto a boat to sail away from London. Peter finds something odd about a trunk being guarded on the boat. With the help of his new friend Molly, he learns of starstuff, a powerful powder from the stars. The trunk is brimming with it and as a pirate learns of a treasure aboard the ship danger comes. They land on a island and face new threats. Will Molly and Peter be able to save the trunk from the ship captain and pirates without being killed?

   I really liked the twist on Peter Pan. It gives you another sense on how Peter Pan, Neverland, Captain Hook and Lost Boys came to be. Everything came together in a understandable sort of way. When I was reading it, I felt as though the story could take any turn, but still explain the story of Peter Pan. The book was full of adventure and every chapter switched to somewhere else, explaining what is happening to everyone. There are many characters and all of them are fighting for the same thing, each one having a different intention for it.
     This is a magical, understandable, adventurous, explanatory book about a group of orphaned boys, pirates, sailors, and a rather different girl.


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