Monday, December 17, 2012

Wolf Speaker

Review by Edan
Title: Wolf Speaker (Immortals Book 2)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Published: 1992
Publisher: Simon Pulse

Quick Summary:
     Diane has Wild Magic. Other people have the common magic, The Gift, but she has Wild Magic and a lot of it. This gives her the ability to speak, connect and heal animals. In the first book, she grasped her magic and worked with her new friends, the Queen's Riders, mages and animals. Now, she had gotten a urgent request from Brokefang, the leader of a wolf pack that is good friends with her. She and Numair, her friend, a fantastic mage and leader, come to find something fishy going on. Trees are being cut down, mines are being mined and ogres and other immortal animals coming from the Devine Realms are being enslaved. Can Diane and her friends figure out and stop what is going on....

     Like the first book, I loved this book. I like animals, and the idea of this animal related magic is fascinating. The books have a interesting twist on magic I have not read about yet. The never ending adventure and excitement keeps the book in your hands and the love for Diane and her friends (human or not) is strong. I could never stop reading this book and loved everything about it. There is a realistic feel, even though it takes place in another world and includes immortal beings and magic. If you are interested in a exciting, animal related, magical adventure, this series is for you.

Rating: *****

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