Sunday, December 23, 2012

Emperor Mage

Review by Edan
Title: Emperor Mage (Immortals Book 3)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Published: 1995
Publisher: Simon Pulse

Quick Summary:
     Diane has wild magic and can talk to and heal animals, and also shape shift and enter their minds. Everyone else around her just has the Gift (some more than others), like her teacher and close friend Numair. In the past few books, the gods are becoming angry and Diane uncovers her newfound magic. As Diane and other ambassadors from Tortall are invited to Carthak, everything becomes confusing. Diane is sent to heal the emperors birds and the others are trying to sign a peace treaty. As she works, Diane learns a frightening secret: she can bring back the dead. With the gods unsettled, immortal beings walking about, a emperor with a secret plan, and new powers to uncover, will Diane be able to put everything at rest without losing her life?

     I really like this book, but the first and second books were better. This one was rather confusing and I didn't have the same connections and feeling toward Diane and her friends. I still love this series as a whole and cannot wait to read the last and final book, The Realms of the Gods. This book felt rushed and I think Pierce should have taken her time explaining and connecting everything a bit more. I still understood everything, but it took some more time to get it all and understand the plot. Maybe that was the intentional, having to wait a long time until the major problem was uncovered. I also found the emperor's nephew's character slightly drawn back. I got a good understanding of him, but I didn't get a very strong connection.

I still loved this book and it was just another piece in this story. Obviously some books will be better than others in one series, and this was a action full (not packed) book with new discoveries, characters, information for the reader to add to their understanding of this series.


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